What did you do to my tank?

Tankmin is a business administration tool for companies that are in the tank cleaning industry. It allows, among many things, you and your customers to schedule tanks for cleaning, follow up on tank substance history and issue ECD reports.

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Ready to send invoices yet?

Treks is the time reporting service especially developed for consulting agencies. Regardless if you're a co-worker, reporting your hours on a daily basis, or if you're a consultant manager, compiling hours for your co-workers every month, Treks is the tool for you. Read more

The Story of Katakumo

Katakumo is a company that develop, run and market cloud based services aiming to simplify administrative tasks in different situations. We use modern methods and technologies to offer our customers innovative, easy to use, powerful and reliable services.

Our home is in Gothenburg, Sweden, but our playground is Europe. We aim to win our customers liking by developing innovative, easy to use, smart and efficiency-boosting high-tech solutions. We use Internet based technology, and sometimes in combination with embedded systems.

Our vision is to become a truly innovative company, appreciated by our customers for our efficiency-boosting solutions to their challenges. Solutions that make them achieve higher profitability in their own business.

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What People Are Saying About Us

1404001679_right_quote Niklas is driven by finding out the most elegant solution to a customer problem. He is extremely thorough 1404001679_right_quote
Niklas Ottosson
1404001679_right_quote Michael is perhaps one of the most innovative and broadly competent persons I've met. He shares his energy in the meeting 1404001679_right_quote
Michael Walenius
1404001679_right_quote Alexander's broad and deep knowledge within software development, and his strong enthusiasm, is stunning 1404001679_right_quote
Alexander Winkler