Six steps to Takama-ga-hara

Takama-ga-hara (the Plain of High Heaven) is a place in Japanese mythology. In Shinto it is the dwelling place of the kami, the worshipped spirits. Kami are elements in nature, animals, creationary forces in the universe as well as spirits of the revered deceased. Takama-ga-hara is believed to be connected to the earth by the bridge Ama-no uki-hashi (the "Floating Bridge of Heaven"). Ame (heaven) is a lofty, sacred world, and the home of the amatsukami. Ame became the home of the amatsukami, or gods of heaven, while tsuchi became the home of kunitsukami, or gods of the land. The amatsukami are said to have descended from heaven to pacify and perfect this world. Traditionally great or charismatic leaders like the Emperor could be kami. In Shinto, Kami are not separate from nature, but are of nature, possessing positive and negative, good and evil characteristics. To be in harmony with the awe inspiring aspects of nature is to be conscious of kannagara no michi [the way of the Kami]. Our six steps to Takama-ga-hara are formulated below. We want to be conscious of kannagara no michi and kami, a creationary force of nature, doing good for our customers.

Be reactive

We do not think or assume that we know everything about our customers and how they work. We listen and adapt to their stories and add our own magic to the brew. When we have defined and agreed on customer demands we get to work, and create great results quick.

Do what you do best

We stay focused on the things we do best and leave the rest to others. This means that we stick to being innovative and creative and help our customers to adress their wants and needs in great solutions that fits their way of working, not the other way around.

Contents, not surface

You can be serious without a suit and a tie. Great, creative things are more likely to happen when you are in a relaxed state feeling at home and without any external threats, boundaries or thresholds. And while we spend a fair amount of time at work being innovative and creative, it's not unlikely that the breakthrough occurs when you're not at work, doing something completely different.

Start by being great

Being great isn't our goal. Its our starting point. We set ourselves goals aiming to take what we do yet a step further. We know that reaching for something distant enhances the probability of attaining it.

Be nice

The key to success is not measured in money. Those who do business only for money will fail. If you try to change the world with a smile you will always win. At Katakumo we never loose. Either we win or we learn.

Always on, always off

We live as we learn. Mobility first. You don't need to be sitting by your desk at the office to work. Today the mobile office is not challenged any more. It's a fact. And our solutions always aims to be flexible and mobile, if there is a reason for that.