A planning module that gets the manager in control

One of the worst situations consultancy managers find themselves in from time to time is the one when a consultant that has been out on an assignment for two years, soon is to be back in the office again, and the manager has been totally clogged with other things to do so he has forgotten this fact.

The result can be severely damaging to the revenue and profit and loss statements. The home coming consultant get a two or four week bench period, since the manager missed to start sale activities in time.

With Treks you never need to worry, since the planning module will remind you in good time before an assignment ends and will highlight the sales project status in a Gantt chart like visualization.

Treks goes international!

With a recent update Treks got support for multiple languages and currencies. As of this writing Treks now support swedish and english languages as well as currencies in SEK, EUR and USD. More languages and currencies will follow soon.