With Treks Katakumo is targeting an important area that has been overlooked by most consultancy companies for many years. Many have created their in-house built systems with resources that has been temporarily available. This does not create the best of breed applications.

Katakumo has created a business process improvement system targeting consultancy companies. We aim to increase productivity for all involved parties and improve the ease and speed of reporting both time and performance. By doing this we improve our customers possibility of doing more work for their clients and thereby improve profitability of their consultancy business.

With gamification we make it easy and fun to report time as a consultant. With built-in reports we make it easy to produce professional reporting without Excel. And not to forget, it looks damn good!

Katakumo has chosen to focus on user roles and their needs combined with the company business processes of a consultancy. We avoid doing what almost all other do; a spreadsheet as a web page that inputs data to a database.